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Its Legal: Spice Smoking Blends, or what we call legal highs, are very popular and they are legal. Because they are legal, more and more people are turning to herbal smoking blends such as Fusion, K2, Cloud Nine and so forth instead of illegal substances. The benefit is that legal smoking blends have pretty much the same effects and are close to the real thing.

  • The natural herbs in the herbal product have been used by ancient cultures for ritualistic purposes and anyone can now enjoy it for its psychoactive effects. Smoking blends are made of different herbal ingredients that come from indigenous plants. These herbs have an effect on the mind and body giving you an calm and enjoyable feeling. Our smoking blends DO NOT contain any illegal substances like JWH-018, JWH-073, JWH-200, CP-47,497, and cannabicyclohexanol, which have been banned by the United States DEA on March 1st, 2011.

What is Spice Smoking?

Cloud 9 Spice Smoke

Looking for some best spice to smoke to get high but not sure which kind is the best? Not to worry, that is exactly what this website is designed for, to:

  • Give a brief overview of the spice smoking phenomenon
  • Explain why people enjoy smoking spice
  • Illuminate a little of the history behind smoking in general
  • Elaborate a bit on the ingredients of spice smoke.

Spice smoking or herbal incense as it is often called is the latest smoking craze. People of all ages and backgrounds are embracing these new products. Sold in either foil packages or sometimes plastic canisters, spice herbal smoke is often a mixture of a variety of different psychotropic plants and herbs from around the world. All of the spice smoke products sold through this website are 100% organic and all-natural, and guaranteed to produce a satisfying, long-lasting effect.

Although some brands of spice smoke are required to label their product as "Not fit for human consumption," most people have taken that with a grain of salt. By far the most popular use of these products is as spice to smoke to get high, using anything from a water pipe (hookah) to rolling papers. Those who have never used spice to smoke this way before are often surprised at the potency and strength of the effects, which can vary from "unable to move from a basic sitting/lying down position due to the relative strength of the herbal spice to overall feelings of euphoria and goodwill.

Why Smoke Spice?

People use spice to smoke for a variety of different reasons. Some enjoy it as a legal alternative to marijuana (not a substitute, which is different). Indeed, many people who have enjoyed the effects of cannabis in the past find that certain brands of herbal spice are remarkably similar in both aroma and effects. Many of the spice smoke vendors have capitalized on this similarity and named their spice products with marijuana-themed titles. Those who choose to try legal herbal buds often switch to smoking them almost exclusively as a substitute for natural cannabis for several reasons.

The most common reason for switching to spice to smoke instead of THC-based products is simple: drug tests. Most everyone in Western society these days is compelled to take a drug test sooner or later, and most often it's sooner. If you want to get a job; keep a job; get health insurance; even compete in semi-professional sports, you must be able to pass a drug test. The ultimate advantage to smoking spice is that it cannot be found in a drug test. Many of the spice herbal bud products out there use this as an advertising point, that they will NOT cause you to fail any drug test. One reason they can be sure of this is that 99% of drug tests administered today do not even test for anything that might be found in a packet of the best spice to smoke.

What's the History Behind Smoking Spice?

A history of using spice to smoke has to start with a professor at Clemson University named John W. Huffman. Beginning in 1984, Professor Huffman experimented on synthesizing cannabinoids, or synthetic cannabis. They succeeded in created more than 450 of these compounds (which, incidentally are known by his initials followed by the order it was discovered in, for example JWH-073). Being public domain, this knowledge was soon appropriated by the cannabis community, which then began manufacturing a number of the synthetic cannabis products and selling them as spice to smoke, alternately called "K2" or just "Spice".

However a history of smoking would have to go all the way back to long before the time of Christ, to somewhere in the murky past with civilizations like the Babylonians and Scythians. Smoking in these cultures was often used as a means of contacting the spirit world, and tobacco has been linked to religious rituals as far back as 5,000 B.C. Cannabis smoking, on the other hand, is a relative newcomer only being shown to have been smoked as far back as 2,000 years. However, cultural and linguistic evidence can place cannabis smoking in ancient Chinese, Indian, African, European, Middle Eastern, and probably even North American culture at around that time or later.

Nor is smoking buds as illegal as many people think. Modern Indian culture, for example, includes a number of religious festivals during which wise men (called sadhus) wander the streets offering sacrifices to the Hindu goddess Shiva. These sacrifices are offered by smoking as much ganja and hashish (two common forms of cannabis found in India) as possible during the festival. Even in the U.S., obtaining marijuana is as simple as getting a doctor's prescription in a number of states, and the medical marijuana industry in California alone made $2 billion last year.

Ingredients of Spice Smoke

Probably the five most common ingredients one might find in today's spice to smoke would be:

  • Bay Bean. Another plant that has long been known by the natives to have psychoactive properties, the Mazatecs tribe in Mexico felt this plant was so connected to the spirit world that they included seeds in their graves as part of the burial ritual.
  • Blue Egyptian Water Lily. A plant with an amazing history, it's likely that the Blue Water Lily was actually the Indian Lotus plant referred to in Homer's Iliad that produced hallucinations. Highly psychoactive.
  • Indian Warrior. With its remarkable similarity in appearance and aroma to cannabis, Indian Warrior is a common ingredient in legal spice. Used in a tea or smoked it will produce a muscle relaxant effect.
  • Kava. Brought to you by the wonderful people of the South Pacific, kava is made from the roots of the kava plant, which produce effects ranging from muscle relaxant to euphoria and tranquility. It also is used in the Islands as a sleep inducing agent.
  • Lion's Tail. The Africans were drying these flowers and smoking them long before it began to show up in herbal spice products, but the flowers are a well-known sedative and effects have been compared to cannabis.

Not intended to be all-inclusive, this list just gives you an idea of the wide variety of plants and herbs that have been found in spice to smoke at different times.


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